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[ What’s Possible at Work? ]

Warehouse worker smiling at camera carrying a boxI read Barry Schwartz’s recent article, “Why We’re So Unhappy With Work — And How to Fix It,” with great interest. His conclusions, grounded in solid research and sage reflection, make it one of the best summaries I have ever read on the current state of the workplace.

In its landmark 2013 survey, Gallup reported that nearly nine out of 10 workers were either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their jobs. Schwartz’s article makes a fascinating connection between this modern disengagement disaster and the roots of the Industrial Revolution.

The belief that people are “naturally lazy and…work only for pay” has been an underlying premise upon which many of our country’s industrial advances have occurred, argues Schwartz. Sadly, that belief is still common today. According to Schwartz, “Today, in factories, offices, and other modern workplaces, the details may be different, but the overall situation is the same: Work is structured on the assumption that we do it just for the money.”  <READ MORE HERE>