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[ Want High Performance? Make Sure You Treat Your Employees Like Adults ]

treat employees like adultsYou would never frisk family members for silverware after Thanksgiving dinner, but this is essentially how many employers treat their employees.

Bag checks, security lines, stringent dress codes — pretty much any policy you would find in a public high school is sure to demean and demotivate workers.

On the other hand, Netflix attributes its success in part to its culture of “freedom and responsibility,” which gives employees independence while holding them to higher standards.

Employees at Netflix don’t have limited vacation or traditional performance reviews and are not judged by how hard they work. In fact, because of this success, Netflix’s “culture deck” has been shared more than 11 million times in the past five years.

Companies that put babysitter policies in place think they’re being sensible. However, the majority of employees are responsible adults.

They’re leaders in their homes, communities, and places of worship. Valuing them as such is far more likely to encourage a positive work environment than policies that treat them like criminals… <READ MORE HERE>