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[ The 4 Myths of Employee Turnover ]

I quitLeaders of organizations suffering from a high turnover rate sometimes don’t understand the role that company culture plays. If your company culture invests in a hiring process that guarantees team members with strong character, talent, and ability, then the rate of turnover can be very low — even in the single digits.

But if your company places more emphasis on other areas of business and ignores the rationale behind its hiring process, you might end up bringing on candidates who don’t mesh well with your organization. And this is a big deal in manufacturing, which saw a 1.2% spike in turnover in May 2015, which coincided with a months-long turnover increase compared to 2014.

Research shows that people who feel they don’t fit into a company’s environment will often leave. This means that high levels of voluntary turnover, when people leave as a choice, usually arise from companies struggling with their culture.

Addressing your company culture isn’t easy, but it is necessary to keep turnover and its associated costs down. The key is rejecting these four big myths, often embedded in a company’s culture, that keep your turnover high… <READ MORE HERE>