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[ 3 Ways That Your Actions Today Will Shape Your Company’s Legacy ]

October 16th, 2017

When Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, spoke about the legacy he wanted to leave, he certainly didn’t follow suit with Steve Jobs. In the authorized biography he penned, Walter Isaacson explained how Jobs, led by ego and ambition, set out to build a legacy that would leave people in awe. Conversely, as Cook recently told […]

[ Basic Human Values that Empower High-Performance Workplaces ]

March 23rd, 2016

Although business leaders try to boost performance by enforcing rules, their efforts lead, ironically, to disengagement and apathy, and an estimated 70% of employees in the United States remain miserable in their jobs. The issue lies in employee morale. To create an inspired, high-performing workforce, leaders should promote five basic human values: positive assumptions, trust, inclusion, challenge, and […]

[ Want High Performance? Make Sure You Treat Your Employees Like Adults ]

July 16th, 2015

You would never frisk family members for silverware after Thanksgiving dinner, but this is essentially how many employers treat their employees. Bag checks, security lines, stringent dress codes — pretty much any policy you would find in a public high school is sure to demean and demotivate workers. On the other hand, Netflix attributes its […]

[ Workplace Culture: A Philosophy, Not a Checklist ]

August 5th, 2014

How do you determine your company’s workplace culture? If you approach it as another chore to cross off your to-do list, you may not be setting your business up for success. Developing a positive workplace environment can’t necessarily be broken down into items you check off and forget about.  Instead, by focusing on high performance […]

[ An Interview With Sue Bingham, “Remember To Practice What You Preach” ]

June 6th, 2014

How successful is your workplace? You might be able to point to key metrics that illustrate monetary growth, but how successful are you in creating an environment that is fulfilling and challenging for everyone involved? By focusing on leadership development and commonsense systems, HPWP Consulting strives to make that enriching atmosphere a reality. Changing a company’s […]

[ Is Your Culture Just a Poster on the Wall? ]

September 8th, 2013

“My team doesn’t get it – they never find things to improve on their own. I have to get involved, or tell them what they should be working on.” These were the comments of a frustrated manufacturing executive. I became curious and asked, “Do they know where you’re trying to go and what role they […]