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[ Keys To Hiring High-Performing Frontline Leaders ]

October 9th, 2017

Manufacturing lives and dies by the numbers. Measurable data that tells you whether you have met production goals or are running at full capacity is an essential part of improving operations and safety at any well-run company. But leadership skills are what companies really need to grow and innovate. Yet many frontline leaders (FLLs) don’t […]

[ A Critical Leadership Skill: Managing a Remote Workforce ]

September 27th, 2017

The 9-to-5 workweek in the office is quickly becoming obsolete. Remote workers are more common, but some companies aren’t embracing the trend. Early in 2017, IBM announced that all remote workers would now have to work in one of its six main offices around the United States. Any employee who refused would be terminated, and […]

[ If Employees Don’t Trust You, It’s Up to You ]

January 2nd, 2017

Three years ago, 37% of CEOs were concerned about a lack of trust in businesses, according to the PwC Annual Global CEO survey. Across industries, that number has climbed to 55%. A high level of trust between managers and employees defines the best workplaces and drives overall company performance and revenue. As Stephen M. R. Covey writes in The Speed […]

[ So Their Resumes Rock, Are They Also Good Fits? ]

December 27th, 2016

When Barnes & Noble announced it was parting ways with CEO Rob Boire, he’d been on the job for less than a year. The company spent millions of dollars to settle claims, after declaring Boire “wasn’t a good fit.” If the hiring team had connected the dots earlier, that big headache could have been avoided. […]

[ How to Get Good Quality Workers When You’re Hiring in Large Numbers ]

October 20th, 2016

When you’re increasing production or expanding your facilities and have to staff a lot of people at once, why not take the opportunity to hire the absolute best? The U.S. economy has been growing slowly but steadily since the recession of 2008, fueling investments in new construction. If you’re one of those moving to expand or […]

[ Want a Great Workplace? Don’t Use These Hiring Practices! ]

December 30th, 2015

The pressure to fill openings can lead to some desperate decisions – like opening the door to anyone who can fog a mirror. But now is not the time to lower your hiring standards; now is the time to raise them. Stop the cycle of turnover and sinking moral by using innovative methods to raise standards, […]

[ Hire Better: 3 Little Known Hiring Practices That Reduce Turnover ]

December 8th, 2015

According to the Center for American Progress, replacing one employee can cost a company more than 21 percent of the employee’s annual salary, on average. Other estimates assert the cost can climb to 400 percent of that salary, depending on the position and level of experience. While those numbers may be shocking, we’ve known for years that […]

[ If You Want A Great Workforce, Don’t Use These 5 Traditional Hiring Practices ]

December 8th, 2015

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple famously said, “The secret to my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Hiring the best people in the world is an exceptionally high standard that many companies aspire to reach. But how can you expect to hire […]

[ Four Ways to Tackle High Turnover ]

September 14th, 2015

Every organization wants a productive team, but when flawed hiring processes lead to the wrong people being hired, high turnover follows — and comes at a high cost. A study by the Center for American Progress reported that the median costs of replacing an employee are estimated at more than 21 percent of the employee’s […]

[ If Hiring Is Our Top Priority, Why Do We Keep Messing It Up? ]

August 21st, 2015

“Tell me about yourself.” “What is your greatest weakness?” “If you were me, why would you hire you?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Sound familiar? Of course it does. Chances are you’ve either answered or (yikes!) asked these worthless interview questions at some point in your career. Let’s face it — most […]

[ Do You Need A Hiring Mulligan? ]

November 18th, 2013

How to Ensure You Won’t Need a “Do-Over” When Hiring Your A-Team For my fellow golfers out there, proceed to the next section, you won’t want to be reminded of this next part. For those of you unfamiliar with the score liberating act we call ‘taking a mulligan’, let me explain it to you. It’s […]