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[ Stave Off Low Morale: 5 Retention Factors To Keep Great Employees From Quitting ]

employee retentionNearly 450 passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport missed their flights recently, thanks to never-ending security lines, and slept on cots overnight. For a private-sector business, this would have spelled ultimate disaster.

A recent analysis concluded that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) suffers from high employee attrition. No doubt the cause is its widely reported culture of “fear and distrust” and poor worker morale.

And low morale leading to high turnover isn’t just a problem for the TSA. With one-third of employees in the private sector quitting their jobs within six months of hire — and 33 percent of those in C-suites actively seeking different offers — low morale is an insidious issue your company needs to stay on top of before it sneaks up on you as well.

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