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[ So Their Resumes Rock, Are They Also Good Fits? ]

When Barnes & Noble announced it was parting ways with CEO Rob Boire, he’d been on the job for less than a year. The company spent millions of dollars to settle claims, after declaring Boire “wasn’t a good fit.” If the hiring team had connected the dots earlier, that big headache could have been avoided.

Many of us have fallen into this trap. We speak with someone who looks good on paper, presents well in person, and is engaging throughout the interview. Then we find out that, while this person has talent, he or she doesn’t mesh easily into the culture.

Hiring is simple nuts and bolts — the hard part is succeeding at hiring the right people for the right jobs. And the discipline required to practice these processes consistently is difficult because of pressure to fill the gap. When interviewing candidates, you have to read between the lines, weighing cultural fit (can they contribute to a high-performance environment?), values (are theirs in line with yours?), and attributes of character (do they display your organization’s standard of integrity?) as heavily as skill sets.

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