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Individuals and organizations alike have a tremendous potential to achieve and a tremendous responsibility to lead. HPWP Consulting creates learning experiences that harness potential—we call it high performance—and equips individuals for the challenge of leadership.

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High Performance Hiring Teams™ Cut Turnover

High Performance Hiring Teams™ is a one-day workshop that empowers your leaders to reduce turnover by hiring the best employees and motivating them to perform. The workshop exposes the root causes of employee turnover and delivers a proven process to achieve your goal—reduced turnover.

The workshop equips your leaders with everything needed to establish your own employee-selection teams, including a step-by-step process for conducting a legal and effective interview.

All-too-often, leaders hire for skill but fire for character. High Performance Hiring Teams avoids this trap by teaching leaders how to discern a candidate’s character during the interview. To build confidence, participants exercise their newly acquired skills during simulated interviews.

Additionally, the workshop provides guidelines for working effectively with HR, suggestions for pre-screening candidates, and protocols that ensure a cohesive team decision.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the shortcomings of traditional hiring methods
  • Dramatically improve hiring standards and criteria
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a high performance interview
  • Hire the best employees
  • Continuously reduce turnover
  • Foster mutual respect by putting employees in a trusted role
  • Illustrate Human Resource’s key, strategic role in the hiring process
  • Ensure a constant stream of well-qualified, internal candidates for promotion

High Performance Counseling™ Deal With Problem Employees

High Performance Counseling is a two-day workshop that teaches leaders how to master performance improvement conversations. By incorporating a powerful step-by-step process with practical real-life simulations, leaders gain confidence in difficult situations.
High Performance Counseling is characterized by open, adult, two-way communication. The workshop equips leaders to determine the root cause of problems through questioning, paraphrasing and modeling non-defensiveness. The result is always improved performance or the prompt resignation/termination of a poor performer.

In every instance where managers have been exposed to High Performance Counseling, they have been energized and are driven to apply the process because it fits with their value-system and achieves measurable results.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Build confidence to manage difficult situations and poor performers
  • Apply problem-solving skills like questioning, reflecting and paraphrasing
  • Model non-defensive communication while delivering performance-focused feedback
  • Resolve chronic performance problems instead of simply documenting them
  • Deal with employees as adults by ensuring that ownership for performance improvement remains their responsibility
  • Develop the reputation of managing employees in an effective, fair and positive manner
  • Ensure employee commitment not compliance
  • Recognize, motivate and retain good employees
  • Establish an effective and repeatable system that ensures high performance

HPWP Performance Management™ Motivate Employees

Increasing performance is central to the High Performance Work Place. In the HPWP Performance Management workshop, we empower organizations to raise the performance “bar” through a highly effective, proven model.

This workshop empowers organizations to create job descriptions that are broad in terms of responsibility and high in terms of standards for performance. By communicating expectations in the highest of terms with a clear belief that they are capable, employees are motivated and continuously strive for higher levels of performance.

Because momentum, motivation and performance erode in the absence of frequent coaching, the workshop educates leaders on how to provide constructive feedback and positive reinforcement that fosters high performance.

Finally, the workshop demonstrates the importance of reviewing results and reveals techniques for using positive reinforcement and recognition to achieve new levels of success.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Challenge employees to achieve higher levels of performance, bring out the best in themselves
  • Write job descriptions that encourage teamwork and growth
  • Incorporate a powerful model for giving positive reinforcement
  • Apply the HPWP Performance Management model to a variety of situations (reinforcing/improving performance, establishing new roles, etc.)
  • Diagnose when performance improvement is needed and demonstrate the steps to address it
  • Support performance with an effective method for constructive feedback
  • Understand your role as a leader for building and maintaining high motivation
  • Obtain exceptional team and organizational results
  • Recognize, motivate and retain good employees

High Performance Leadership Workshop™ Change The Status Quo

The five-day High Performance Leadership Workshop delivers a proven approach for taking an organization to the next level of effectiveness.

Throughout the week, leaders are challenged to align public statements (and heartfelt beliefs) such as “people are our greatest assets” with what actually happens—management’s policies, behavior, and even assumptions about their employees.

The Workshop brings together leaders at all levels—executives, directors, managers and front-line supervisors—who discover the powerful connection between building mutual trust and respect and how this improves quality, productivity, and output.

What makes this Workshop so unique is that it’s highly experiential. Rather than long lectures or slide presentations, it’s based on our unique layered-learning approach where truths are uncovered through participation. In this way, HPWP Consulting has equipped hundreds of leaders to become agents of change in their personal and business lives.

After completing this Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Manage employees with mutual trust and respect to meet and exceed performance measurements
  • Distinguish your organization from the competition
  • Resolve personal and organizational conflict using a win/win approach
  • Produce more with fewer employee resources
  • Dramatically improve the performance of the workforce through challenging expectations, teambuilding and a respectful coaching approach
  • Learn how to motivate employees to proactively seek increased responsibilities
  • Engage employees around common goals and objectives
  • Identify and counsel non-performers in a problem-solving manner
  • Respectfully dismiss those who are not able to support the company’s goals, values and objectives

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