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[ If Hiring Is Our Top Priority, Why Do We Keep Messing It Up? ]

skeptical interviewer looking at interviewee“Tell me about yourself.” “What is your greatest weakness?” “If you were me, why would you hire you?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Sound familiar? Of course it does. Chances are you’ve either answered or (yikes!) asked these worthless interview questions at some point in your career.

Let’s face it — most interviews are a real waste of time. Traditional interviews don’t identify the best workers. The strength of this type of interview is its ability to make the most expedient hire. And the proof is in pudding: High turnover, poor performance, silos, and sinking morale all plague companies that hire too quickly. These are symptoms of disharmony that are often grounded in poor hiring decisions.

Companies spend tremendous amounts of time and effort on business decisions like selecting a new piece of equipment or investing in a new technology. However, all too often, they don’t dedicate that same effort, energy, and time to hiring new people. Yet there’s nothing more important to a company’s success than hiring the best people.

Great leaders use highly selective hiring processes to identify the best people. They use processes that are highly predictive, that engage team members’ brainpower, and that raise the bar on expectations. Finally, they drive the process just like they would any other strategic initiative.

Here are four innovative approaches that great leaders use… <READ MORE HERE>