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[ Honoring a “Strategic Leader” Award Recipient ]

HPWP Consulting honors Kathy Rowley, General Counsel & Chief Human Resources Officer at Research Now. She was presented the award for “Strategic Leader” and honored at a luncheon of HR professionals in Dallas, TX.

Kathy has been an innovator in creating and implementing Research Now’s positive work culture throughout its global operations. She has effectively used the HPWP culture to form a common language across operations leading to greater collaboration, higher levels of team member satisfaction and increased business unit cooperation.

“Excellent Human Resources leaders accomplish their work by influencing others, envisioning the future and conceptualizing the right thing to do today,” said Sue Bingham, Founder and Principal of HPWP Consulting. “Kathy has done this by forming a clear vision that culture is a uniting force capable of overcoming differences.”

From the start, Kathy’s vision was to use culture to break-down barriers and silos around the world and within departments.

With great fortitude, Kathy has executed that vision by rolling out the common values of Research Now’s culture through numerous global training initiatives.  As an executive sponsor and champion, Kathy has been hands-on by being active at key training initiatives worldwide, providing valuable support and mentoring facilitators and trainers.

As part of their HPWP implementation, the Research Now team created their own cultural index which they administered quarterly so it was more than just an annual snapshot.  Since survey work is part of their business, they were able to achieve quick, responsive turnaround.  Armed with this valuable information, employee action teams were established to address issues that rated lower.  At the time, Research Now’s survey demonstrated continued upticks in morale and engagement, resulting in higher performance.

Finally, Kathy led Research Now in the effort to remove behavior-controlling policies that are all too common in the HR field.  In its place, she implemented “one standard of conduct” which says:  Every employee is expected to act in the best interest of the company and his/her fellow employees.  With the expectation that employees will behave as adults, Kathy is succeeding in creating a much more empowered workforce globally.

Congratulations to Kathy Rowley and the entire team at Research Now!