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High Performance Counseling
Are you letting a small fraction of employees dictate how you treat the majority of employees?

Is the goal of your employee discipline policy changed behavior or punishment?

Do your supervisors avoid addressing behavior problems until they become serious?

Punishing employees is an unpleasant activity that most managers avoid. Consequently, minor infractions slide until the “last straw” results in a crack-down that may be more severe than is warranted for the occasion.

Using a progressive discipline system based on punishment and threatening language will not yield high performance. It doesn’t earn an employee’s commitment—at best it can only get compliance.

To truly change behavior and step-up to problem employees, you need a system that’s radically different. Consider how different HPWP’s approach is:

Traditional Discipline System HPWP
Goal: Discipline Problem-solve
Problem Ownership: Supervisor Employee
Supervisor’s Mindset: Document, Build a case for termination, C.Y.A. Understand the root cause, Problem-solve
Present at Meeting: Employee, Supervisor, and a “Witness” Employee and Supervisor
Communication Style: One-way, Parent-child, Ends with a threat Two-way, Adult-to-adult
Outcome: Fear, Anger, Hopelessness Commitment to change behavior and increased performance or Resignation

In every instance where leaders have been exposed to High Performance Counseling™, they are energized and driven to apply it because it fits with their value-system—and it works!

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