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High Performance Hiring Teams™

Are safety, quality and productivity suffering due to high turnover?

Do you use “temp to perm” without really increasing the quality of your new hires?

Do you completely trust all of the people who work in your organization?

Do you minimize the efficiency (and morale) of your most experienced people by forcing them to continually train a constant parade of new hires?

Turnover isn’t a profitable strategy. Employee turnover hurts your company in every way.

Hiring the right people for the right job is the most important thing you can do to maximize your company’s uniqueness, competitive edge and performance advantage.  Yet hiring often is done mechanically by people/departments removed from the real needs of the job.  This has a devastating impact on your organization.

You can lead the effort to improve the quality of new hires resulting in increased employee performance and retention.

High Performance Hiring Teams™ takes advantage of your best assets—your front-line employees—to hire the highest caliber workers.  Because your current employees know the job best and have high expectations for the performance of their peers, they’re uniquely qualified for this trusted role.  With our system, not only will they maintain high standards, they’ll take ownership of the new hire’s success.

Don’t accept high turnover rates or marginal new hires!  Our white paper describes a proven solution for reducing turnover while raising hiring standards.

Download the white paper.  I’m ready to reduce employee turnover at my company.

I want to read results from real companies who reduced their turnover with High Performance Hiring Teams.

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