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[ Are You Really Engaging Your People? ]

DreamTeam_IllustrationPeople Crave Involvement

One characteristic of a highly performing workplace is a culture in which employees are very engaged, involved and empowered. The basic premise is that people should be involved in every decision that affects them. In fact, various business research books have studied the topic at length and have concluded that most people actually crave involvement and given the right culture will jump at the opportunity, especially when the organization is based on mutual trust and respect. Yet many organizations that seem very progressive and openly invite participation and seek opinions still struggle with full employee engagement and continue to struggle with employee retention as well.

The Need to Balance the Equation

A deeper dive into the topic reveals that the issue relates to “how” organizations get their employees involved and “why” the organization desires employee involvement in the first place. At the current time, many organizations place a significant amount of emphasis on the results and benefits to the organization when employees are motivated to contribute. <READ MORE HERE>