Are You Ready To...

[ Are You Ready for Summer… Policies? ]

dress codeAh, summer. Are you ready for picnics, warm weather and a slower pace?

And have you read the new dress code policy from Human Resources?

“Now that summer weather is upon us, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of our summer dress code. Please be advised that the following are not allowed in the office: tank tops, sundresses, shorts, flip-flops, exercise clothes…”

So begins the “seasonal update to the dress code policy” that the HR department of a global tax and audit firm recently emailed to all employees.

Mired in a culture of bureaucracy and grounded in negative assumptions about people, leaders create policies like this every day that destroy workplace trust and demean capable adults.

Mary Barra, the CEO and 37-year company veteran of General Motors summed it up this way, “I can trust you with $10 million of budget and supervising 20 people, but I can’t trust you to dress appropriately?”

She reduced a 10-page treatise on clothing to two words: “Dress appropriately”… <READ MORE HERE>