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[ 4 Ways to Establish Trust and Improve Your Bottom Line ]

iStock_000005012679_Large TrustIn football games, fans often consider themselves the 12th man. In other words, they believe that they have the potential to influence the outcome of the game for their team.

For small businesses, trust is the 12th man. Employee trust in company leaders can significantly influence the game by allowing small businesses to successfully compete against much larger companies. Trust is a priceless, process-less competitive advantage.

High-trust environments allow people to be their “true selves” as opposed to workers who are always aiming to please. People who trust their managers can be frank, honest, and spontaneous. When teams grow on a strong foundation of trust, communication is clearer, and the diverse skills and abilities of team members are recognized. Such open appreciation inspires innovation.

Growing this type of confidence within a small company helps teams work faster, smarter, and with greater creative freedom than is typically found in larger organizations. Trust is both the fuel and the commodity of high performance in a small business. Without it, it’s difficult to accomplish anything.

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