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  1. HPWP Consulting gives us proven solutions that increase our profitability by improving every performance measure.

    Linda Owens, President, Southeastern Mills

  2. With HPWP, we are taking our company to the next level of performance.

    Matt Sirmans, President, Garner & Glover

  3. We strongly believe that our people are our competitive advantage. HPWP has provided us with a superior process for developing our team.

    John Didion, President, Didion Milling

  4. HPWP has provided us with a systematic way to operationalize our values. These values have supported and sustained our growth.

    Donny Burris, CEO, Burris Logistics

  5. HPWP is a common-sense form of management that fits with my values.  It’s given me an alternative to “traditional” management that is positive, team-oriented and respectful.

    Eva Holland, Franchisee, Great Clips

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Welcome to HPWP Consulting!

You’re probably here because someone referred you or you’ve heard about our outstanding results.  Either way, we’re glad you came.

Most companies, no matter how successful, are underperforming by at least 20%.  Turnover, absenteeism, theft and work-related accidents are additional problems that hurt bottom line performance.  But you believe things can be better.

At HPWP Consulting, we focus on the only asset truly unique to your organization— your people.  We achieve the ultimate win/win by equipping you to maximizing your team’s performance.  Results start immediately and your return on investment (ROI) is measurable.

We empower leaders to maximize performance.
We create great environments where workers are valued.
We focus on ROI and measurable results.

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unlock the secret to high performance?

HPWP Consulting is a proud sponsor and a co-founder of the Great Work Cultures initiative. We actively support the initiative’s shared goal of moving work cultures toward the values and practices of Respect and Empower. Visit the Great Work Cultures website today and join the movement and become a champion!